Friday 16 October 2009

Winter Wonderland

Over at Winter Wonderland the theme is Gingerbread. Not my usual theme I must admit. I looked around for something, then decided to look on a CD. I found a CD by The Orange Blossom, and decided to have a look for a gingerbread house. Nope, no house, but hey - it did have a gingerbread man. Perfect. So I printed it off along with the background paper and had a wee play around. This was the final result. I had to draw a Santa hat for him. Punched out a few snowflakes and printed the text, matted onto kraft paper and voila, we have a finished card.

And finally, a big Thank you to Judy for the candy I won. It arrived last week, when the Hubby was off sick, so I didn't get to play much. But he had a wee play, and was rather impressed. Gotta keep them happy eh. So thanks again.

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